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All of you data is in the new Care Certificate site, so just use your existing login details and access all of the new features and functions.

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Paper is durable. It is relatively easy to store. It is easy to retrieve. We get it - paper has been with us for centuries. It is a great medium for recording information. And even though many industries have radically reduced their reliance on paper over the last decade, and that there is a strong pull towards paperless solutions in the Health and Social Care sector, we understand that paper will be with us for a long time to come.

Why move past paper?

If paper is so enduring, why move past paper? We believe the answer is a combination of attractive features - we call these 'pull' factors, and compelling features - what we call 'push' factors. Taken together, we recognise that moving past paper provides a positive step forward for the sector. So what are these features?

Push factors

The sector operates within society at large, and society is - on the whole - reducing its reliance on paper. Take the rapidly expanding market in ebooks as an example, or - less controversially - the rise of internet banking. Take the declining market in printed holiday snaps as another example and the corresponding rise in digital storage devices, including tablet computers, external hard drives and personal cloud storage solutions.

These factors provide a background push for the sector to keep up, but on their own they are not reason enough to move past paper. There are other, more compelling 'push' factors including guidance on security and data protection that affects everyone across all sectors. And there is specific legislation which provides unequivocal statements on new ways of working:

In a shared statement regarding the Care Certificate and training providers issued by Skills for Health, Skills for Care and Health Education England, these organisations make it clear that: "It is not possible to achieve the Care Certificate through completion of e-learning or completing a workbook alone."

The recommendations for CQC providers, from Skills for Care, 'Inducting care workers' say: "The assessment of a new care worker's induction programme cannot be undertaken by and external learning provider, via e-learning or through simply reviewing a completed workbook."

We see both of these statements as strong evidence that the established practice of reviewing some content and then testing understanding is simply not enough. It does not provide high quality evidence of competence and of safety to practice. These quality indicators can only be evidenced through observation of a care worker's practice - which is why our solutions are not designed to deliver content only, but to provide a method to measure the impact and effectiveness of that content in the only place it matters - in staff practice.

Pull factors

Where push factors provide a 'stick', pull factors provide the 'carrot'. We recognise that there are many and varied reasons to move past paper, not least because of the ubiquity and penetration of internet connected electronic devices; the huge security benefits of securely storing evidence electronically in ISO/IEC27001 accredited data centres; the ability to share information and evidence securely between manager and care worker across physical space and separate times; the time savings made through holistic observations, (http://carecertificate.co.uk/holistic-observation-new-tools/) that is: observing practice once and applying it to multiple, relevant Care Certificate outcomes or in building an automated evidence portfolio of the competence and safety to practice of your entire staff when it comes to inspection; the benefits of robust and rapid storage and retrieval of disparate evidence and supervision data; and the ability to provide real, rich evidence of continuous competence and knowledge through observed practice and not simply by testing staff recall in the minutes after they have engaged with learning material.

Paper has its place

We understand that paper has its place - who doesn't enjoy leafing through a book or magazine more than its electronic counterpart. We are not predicting the end of paper, nor would we want to. We recognise the strengths and the weaknesses of paper, and where there are weaknesses we provide better, more robust solutions which increase the positive impact on learning and on outcomes for patients and recipients of care, since these are the people to whom we are all ultimately responsible.

Have you seen? - 17/03/2016

The new reporting module on https://CareCertificate.co.uk ?

The new observation module goes live very soon too!


The recordings of our Care Certificate webinar program is available at:


Tonight's upgrades - 05/01/2016

Please note:

We are upgrading everything tonight.

Please bear with us, but everything will be offline tonight, but will be whizzy in the morning...

If you have not found https://CareCertificate.co.uk, please drop by tomorrow morning!

Our hugely popular Care Certificate Webinar programme has been extended again to allow more people to find out all they need to know about the changes brought about by the Care Certificate.

If you missed the earlier dates through Autumn this year you can now register your interest in our Care Certificate webinars on one of the following dates.


Webinars will be held at 10am and 11am.

Final post... - 18/09/2015

Thanks to everyone that made CIS Assessment such a success over the years...

This will be the final post on the news page of CIS Assessment because everything is moving to https://CareCertificate.co.uk, if you have not already found our Care Certificate website please visit https://CareCertificate.co.uk to find out more.

From October 1st the Common Induction Standards will no longer be in use and will be replaced by the Care Certificate, but most importantly from October CQC will be inspecting providers against regulation 19 and looking for evidence of competence measured against the Care Certificate. If you haven't already seen https://carecertificate.co.uk/national-induction-programme/ please do check out page 2.

All of the resources and assessments will be moving across to https://CareCertificate.co.uk over the coming weeks, but CIS Assessment will still be here for the foreseeable future.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch on 0345 873 0373

Thanks again and see you on https://CareCertificate.co.uk

Over the course of the next few days our new Care Certificate resources will be coming online at https://CareCertificate.co.uk

We have been working hard over the last six months to get our assessments ready for iPhone and Smart phones and that work is now in the process of being released.  If you want to use the new assessment version, please go to https://CareCertificate.co.uk and use your login as normal and you will be able to use the new code, when it goes live.

Going forward please note that we will not be updating CIS-Assessment any longer because everything will be on https://CareCertificate.co.uk

I would like to thank all of our customers for their feedback and commitment to CIS-Assessment over the last nine years and we look forward to supporting you with the Care Certificate...

Server upgrades - 01/03/2015

Later this week and over the course of next weekend we will be upgrading all of the servers that run the assessments, the eLearning and our LMS.

We have seen a noticeable increase in traffic due to the Care Certificate and the server upgrades will ensure the security of the websites, but also the speed of response.

If you experience any disruption next weekend - please accept our apologies in advance and if there is anything we can do to support you, please do not hesitate to get in touch so we can plan accordingly.

From Monday March 2nd we will be posting one question each day about the Care Certificate, in readiness for April 1st.

Please bookmark http://CareCertificate.co.uk - so you don't miss a question.

If you would like to submit a question, just fill out the contact form and use the subject "CC 30 questions" http://carecertificate.co.uk/contact-us/

In the meantime check out our article on the Guardian: http://www.theguardian.com/social-care-network/skills-for-care-partner-zone/2015/feb/05/care-certificate-health-social-care-culture

The Care Certificate has now been released!  CareCertificate.co.uk - click here for the latest news

The much anticipated arrival has been met with some scepticism across the sector because some things didn't change, but there are some real gems in the guidance and hopefully I am going to share the best bits!

1. Page 2 Care Certificate Standards

"give everyone confidence that staff have knowledge, skills and behaviours to provide safe high quality support". Note what it does not say is the right "training".

2. Page 2, 3 and 5 Assesor Document

Page 2
"employers should record the assessment decisions and ensure that record is auditable"

Page 3
"There is no requirement for assessors of the Care Certificate to hold any assessor qualification"

Page 5
"Certificates of Attendance, attendance on study days or e-learning without assessment of what has been learnt is not evidence toward achievement of the Care Certificate."

At last we are talking about learning and practice, the culture change is here! The Care Certificate is about practice and observing the practice of staff, not making sure everyone has the right piece of paper or the right colour on the training matrix.

3. Question 10! Top 10 Questions and Answers

"A legal duty to assess the training needs of bank staff or agency staff"

Question 7 - is awesome too!  Is the Care Certificate portable?  Not really because you still have to check, as it describes in Question 10.  The responsibility is with the manager to evidence the safety to practice of that member of staff, NOT the previous manager (or organisation who awarded the certificate).

Overall whilst some things could have been better, the principle of the Care Certificate is really very good.  No longer can we rely on external trainers to sign off staff as competent, that must be done in practice with the people we support, not in a training room or in front of an e-learning screen and as many managers have shared with me - exactly as it should be!

Critically this is of course linked to the new version of CQC Inspection and the KLOE's.  The first KLOE is safe - not trained, but safe to practice, not in date, but able to apply what they have learnt in practice with the people they support.

CQC Guidance - click here for more info

For more information on our competence recording system (including audit trail) and how we have helped many organisations to achieve this since 2006, just book on to one of our free Care Certificate workshops we are holding across the country.

http://carecertificate.co.uk/ - register for a free workshop

Care Certificate - 28/10/2014

We were thrilled to hear the feedback from one of our customers who was part of the Care Certificate pilot recently and we are also delighted to share our new mini site - carecertificate.co.uk - we have had a great day scoping some of the new features and functions we will be releasing to coincide with the launch of the Care Certificate early next year.

So please add carecertificate.co.uk to your address book because this is where we will share future developments and the up coming workshop dates as well.

Please also visit the Care Certificate FAQ's at http://carecertificate.co.uk/faq

Phone upgrade - 03/07/2014

On Monday July 7th we are upgrading our phone system and phone number as part of our commitment to excellent customer service.

There may be some disruption to service on Monday whilst the systems are being installed, so please accept our apologies in advance if you experience any difficulties on Monday.

Already live is our new 0345 phone number which means it is cheaper to call the support team from now on.  The 0845 number will continue to be active for a transition period and a "regular" 01 number will be available very soon.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to give us a call...

Care Certificate - 09/06/2014

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome the draft Care Certificate proposals and in particular the very clear focus on the need to evidence the transfer of learning into the workplace – which after all is what really counts!

Page 3: Assessment

Evidence of performance must be undertaken in the workplace during the learners’ real work activity and observed by an assessor.  Learners can practice new skills in a classroom but the assessment evidence must be collected during real work activity.

This is a significant change and makes it clear that people must be able to apply what they have learnt in their day to day role, it is no longer about attendance and making sure the training matrix is up to date, because the evidence must be gathered during real work activity.

Page 2: Care Certificate in Context

“The Care Certificate replaces the Common Induction Standards and the NMTS and sets out what workers must know and be able to do.

The guidance is still in draft but the direction of travel is clear – it is about safety to practice, which links really neatly into what CQC are incorporating into their new version of inspection using SOFI and talking to people and staff.

This has been our ethos for many years and we are looking forward to supporting our customers to re-use all of the evidence they have already generated using the Common Induction Standards online assessments.  Everyone who has a valid licence for the Common Induction Standards assessments will get access to the Care Certificate assessments to dramatically reduce the volume of work required from March of 2015.

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Explicit reference to competence... in the new standards!

Just a quick blog to share some photos from "Celebrating Good Care Awards" with Lancashire Workforce Development Partnership last week... Congratulations to all the winners!

Esther Rantzen was a very gracious celebrity presenter, helping us all learn how to have our photo taken.

Lastly, really pleased for one of our customers Sure Care and Jimmy Anyon...

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