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The following excerpts are taken from:

Enabling and Assessing Work-Based Learning for Social Work. Sarah Williams and Lynne Rutter. (ISBN: 13 978-0-9540522-6-3)

Please see a link to Bournemouth University http://www.bournemouth.ac.uk/hsc/pqpublications07.html

Chapter Four – Assessing Learning in the Workplace

Competence Workbooks – Records of Competence – page 112 - 113

Para 2. Workbooks often require third parties to verify that the workbook presents a true record of the learners practice. This verification... may come from a range of people... including line managers.

Para 3. Despite its advantages the... workbook approach is sometimes criticised for being reductionist and blocking creativity. Workbooks usually measure “good enough” practice in a limited number of specified areas and can consequently encourage learners to concentrate predominantly on these areas... Focusing primarily on these areas, the assessment may fail to capture and real sense of the quality of the learner as a whole practitioner and not enable judgements to be made about professional capability.

However, using... workbooks in combination with other assessment methods... can reduce or even eliminate these difficulties.

Chapter Four – Assessing Learning in the Workplace

How do you decide what is good enough? – page 128 - 129

How do you decide how to weigh and balance the evidence in front of you and make a decision about whether an individual learner has reached the required standard

The question of what is good enough cannot be answered in simple terms.

How can CIS Assessment help?

However, here at CIS Assessment we believe that by providing the manager with an easy to use online assessment to support the workbooks that are in use within most organisations, we can help managers answer the difficult question above.

By providing Manager’s with the ability to ask a set of questions and recording the answers given, before, during and after induction it is possible to generate a collection of evidence to support the decision making process. More importantly the use of assessments beyond induction enables workers to demonstrate their continued improvement and development.

Finally, CIS Assessment has produced a workbook that can be used alongside the assessments and is available FREE OF CHARGE to all of our customers.

If you would like a free 7 day trial of our assessments to see how they can complement your workbook please use the contact us page.