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Why Evidence Knowledge?

What happens when you attend a training course? Do you remember 100% of what was covered for the next few years? If so, you are unique! In reality, different people pick up different key messages because of the way they learn.

People normally retain very little information, in fact, as little as six days later a person will have forgotten 90% of what they saw unless they are exposed to the learning again and again over a period of time. Click here to view the forgetting curve. According to a study by Washington University, using questioning helps people to retain information. Click here to view the Washington University research It is essential to evidence the knowledge of the people managing and providing health and social care.

Below are some of the most significant reasons:

list dot Ensure value for money and that funding, time and other resources are not wasted by training    people in areas where they can evidence knowledge and competence.

list dot Give everyone the confidence that people providing services have the knowledge required to do    their job safely.

list dot Knowledge is the foundation of competence and this underpins the quality of service being    provided.

list dot Provide robust documentation and evidence to the Care Quality Commission and other relevant    inspectors.

list dot Understand where gaps in knowledge exist so training and development can be tailored to address    these gaps and meet an individual’s care needs.

list dot Value the knowledge that people possess and avoid de-motivation by asking them to unnecessarily    repeat training courses and activities.

list dot Build evidence towards qualifications and competency frameworks.

How to Evidence Knowledge

The beauty of using online assessments is that they will automatically and immediately show the results of how a person has performed during the assessment. You don’t event need to be in the same location or town as the person taking the assessment. All you need is internet access and a little “know how” to access the results.

Managers are able to run reports on individuals or groups of people. This will identify individual and group learning needs which helps learning and funding to be targeted in the areas of need. Our workshops and customer support by telephone or email will provide the “know how” and any additional guidance needed.

The results provide an opportunity for the manager to facilitate a discussion during supervision, linked to the Standards. The manager will identify if the person has the required knowledge, can be coached to fill some of the knowledge gaps or whether training is required. Where the manager ascertains that the person does have the knowledge following this discussion, the manager can enter additional information using the “add evidence” function and can amend the overall percentage for the assessment.
Save money whilst getting results
Focus on evidencing knowledge
No Software necessary